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One to One

Drawing on my 27 years of experience as a personal one to one yoga teacher and massage therapist has taught me to listen to all types of bodies in combination with the emotional, psychological and spiritual needs. It requires great inner awareness, harmony, loyalty and respect for the human being that ethically is called client.

My work is an amazing journey and has taken me around the world, working with wonderfully gifted kindred spirits who have demanding careers. They are focused, hard working, put in long hours, many meetings and make difficult choices. Stressful, awkward situations and media are part of their daily life.

During contracts I am available daily 24/7, due to their hectic and unorthodox schedule, but I am far from complacent. I care deeply about one well being and do my best work at all hours, and for as long as it takes.


In 1986 I did a Yoga Teachers Training Course at the
International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres having Swamiji Vishnudevananda as my teacher and Guru. Such path lead me to spend 1988 at The Divine Life Society Ashram in Rishikesh, Himalayas, doing intensive Advanced study in the four paths of Yoga: Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Raja Yoga and Jnana Yoga.

The Yoga path is an empowering way of life, a transcendental experience and an amazing feeling that words cannot express. I am far from perfect and have a long way to go.

Asanas (yoga postures) and Pranayama (regulation or control of breathing) forms one of the sub-divisions of Raja yoga. Over the years, several teachers have developed their own methods of Hatha yoga and it is known by many names: Iyengar, Bikram, Jivamukti, etc…


Fluid motion towards massage followed in 1990 when I became an ITEC Holistic Massage Therapist. I am a great believer in the harmony between body, mind and spirit. Further diplomas in Massage Therapy are in the qualifications and memberships section.

Yoga and Massage are a wonderful combination for bodywork at all levels; obviously a knowledge of anatomy and physiology is essential.

Massage Therapists have several skills, techniques and other supportive qualifications that make them great. They are extremely keen observers of body needs and subtle reactions, so much so that, if during a session you feel the need of more or less pressure in a trigger point area or longer work in a particular muscle, I strongly recommend that you express your needs; they will be welcomed.


  • 2013 - Deep Tissue Massage - FHA

  • 2001 - City & Guilds Teaching Skills stages 1 & 2 - LIT

  • 1992 - The Mehta Method of Indian Head Massage - Narendra Mehta

  • 1990 - Anatomy, Physiology and Holistic Massage - ITEC

  • 1988 - Advanced Yoga Teacher - The Divine Life Society Ashram

  • 1986 - Yoga Teacher - International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres


flexible..... flexible…..FHT

Workshops and Retreats:

Too many to mention and are an ongoing process.